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About  Milvent

 Milvent, a leading manufacturer specializing in the development, production, research, and sales of venting and sealing solutions, has been operational since 2013. Its comprehensive offering includes a range of waterproof cable glands and ventilated products, highlighting Moisture Barrier Breather Vents – VF/SS, Vent PLUGs, VALVE DECOMPRESSION systems, metal breathing caps, Pressure air vents, breathable stickers, VENTING ELEMENTS, PLUNGER MAINTAIN PRESSURE mechanisms, accoustic membrane adhesives, breathable air vent cable glands, water tight air vents, and IP67 PTFE Waterproof Breathable Vent Membranes.

Beyond these, Milvent offers battery pack vent valves, Gas Fuel Tank Cap Valve Vent Breather Hose Tubes tailored for ATV, PIT, and Dirt Bikes, case valves, pressure compensation Elements, pressure release stickers, automatic purge valves, Dual Purpose Vents, Pressure Relief Valves, Plastic Pressure compensation units, Water tight vents, and Ventilation or filter Valves.

Committed to a management strategy that prioritizes quality, profitability, and service, Milvent continuously strives to innovate, expand its business horizons, and promote enterprise development.

m16,m20 drain plugs comment:0 collection:0 code: miv 16dp spec: m16x1.5 material: plastic color: light grey value: $**** 描述: 1 color: black light grey size: m16x1.5 m20x1.5 quantity: add to cart buy